En LC Perú encontrarás ofertas en viajes

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Central Square

You can start the route by visiting the Central Square, which is surrounded by casonas (manor houses) which were built by Spanish businessmen. You may appreciate their good preservation to date and its mestizo architecture.

The Cathedral

Undoubtedly, it can fool the foreign visitor. Its sober façade is overshadowed once you enter its lavish interior and observe their 10 altarpieces covered in gold leaf.

Church of Santo Domingo

According to popular tradition, this was the place where heretics were punished. A few kilometers away, you can find other churches such as La Merced, San Agustín, La Compañía de Jesús (The Society of Jesus), which have a similar structure.

Picante de Cuy (Guinea Pig with Spices)

The Picante de Cuy – a whole guinea pig dish – is a meal of high nutritional value and great taste, which has quite a variety of ingredients, in particular ají panca (Peruvian red pepper), milled toasted peanut; it is served with potatoes, slices of boiled egg and corn.

Pachamanca (“earthen cooking pot”)

The Pachamanca possesses a high nutritional and gastronomical value; its great taste comes from the precise distribution of condiments and aromatic herbs. The great cooking of their meats is produced by the great heat transmitted by convection, irradiation, and conduction, which is demonstrated on the tenderness of the meat included in said dish.

Puchero (Pork, Beef and Chicken Soup)

This meal has a festive character, it is only prepared on local carnivals. It is made with pieces of pork, lamb, beef, and fruits such as peach, apple, and vegetables such as: cabbage, carrot, sweet potatoes, potatoes, among others.

Holy Week

Ayacucho has been without doubt the city where Holy Week is lived with greatest fervor. The population integrates with foreign visitors in order to celebrate together Christ’s victory over death. As night fells, a feast of lights, color and dance begin. Indeed, Ayacucho counts with a large amount of temples and churches which take all part of this feast in order to involve the visitor in all this joy.


Also known as “sacred hawk” in Quechua, this Inca citadel housed about 40,000 people, and it was the place where rituals and sacrifices took place.

Wari (Ruins)

One of the largest architectural complexes in Peru. It is a Pre-Inca citadel of vast extension, located at 22 kms. outside of the city.