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Santa Maria Church Cathedral

Located in the city center, in front of the main square. It is neoclassical and dates from 1869. It is a church made up of 3 ships. Emphasizes the image of Christ carved in poor Christ.

San Antonio Basilica

The Basilica San Antonio is located in block 4 of the Luis Gonzales Avenue. It has a modern religious architecture dating from 1949. Here is the convent of San Antonio of Franciscan fathers.

Paseo de las Musas

Located a few blocks from downtown, it is an ornate gardens and roundabouts with sculptures of characters from Greek mythology corridor.

The Chiclayan cuisine is one of the most exquisite and varied in Peru's north coast. Among its various dishes kid to Chiclayo, there are great dishes like: tortilla line, ferreñafana cause, between other highlights. For drinks and cocktails, Algarrobina cocktail and Chicha de Jora.

Archaeological complex of Huaca Rajada and Museum of Sipan Site

The complex belongs to the Moche culture, is located 35 km southeast of the city of Chiclayo. It comprises two pyramidal structures made of adobe of 45 meters height and a funeral platform, where a large royal mausoleum was discovered. At the site museum exhibit recent research around the tomb of the warrior priest 14 "Sipan".

National Museum of Sicán

The museum is located in the city of Ferreñafe, 20 km northeast of Chiclayo. The museum building is shaped like a truncated pyramid inspired by the majestic and monumental ceremonial centers Sican Pomac Forest. Its permanent exhibition focuses on all aspects of the Sican society and culture.

Balneario de Pimentel

Located 11 km from Chiclayo, is the largest resort in the region. Highlights include a large wooden pier and its colonial and republican houses. You can also see fishermen throwing sea mounted in their ancestral reed horses.