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Central Square

In the middle of the square there is a fountain which was sculpted in 1845 by the Italian Julio Seretti. It has as base a granite stone 4 meters tall which it is believed to have being object of worship of old inhabitants.

Calicanto Bridge

Its construction started on 1879, but ended only five (5) years after. The peculiar thing of this building is that it is based on stone pebbles and it was joined with a mixture of lime, sand, and egg white. Underneath circulates the Huallaga River.

Lake Lauricocha

It is located at 4,000 masl (meters above sea level), and it offers the foreign visitor a view of a majestic landscape, by walking around the area and a boat ride, where you can appreciate its variety of flora and wildlife species.

Pachamanca (“earthen cooking pot”)

The Pachamanca is a typical dish in Huánuco, one of the most savored by locals. It has three main features that make it different from other departments of the Andean Region: (1) In its meat seasoning, there is a special regional herb named “chincho”; (2) they prefer to use a very tender piglet before using lamb; and, (3) the use of great amount of tubers and sweet humitas (maize (corn) doughs) as side dish.

Picante de Queso (Spicy Guinea Pig stew and cheese)

The Picante de Queso has as an ingredient a seasoning made out of lard, ají mirasol (chilli peppers) and onion, which it is steamed and, when taken away from the fire, cheese is added. It is well served together with potatoes.

Chicha de jora (a type of corn beer chicha in a glass)

The Chicha was part of the religious rituals and was attributed fantastic powers which benefitted those who drank from it. It is a typical beverage that has as main ingredient the macerated corn.

Kotosh Archaeological Site

We can find the Kotosh Archaeological Site at Five (5) minutes away from the city of Huánuco, which is more than 4,000 years old, comprising a whole group of religious compounds. Among them, there is the Temple of the Crossed Hands, in which we may observe on the wall of a small room a pair of hands sculpted in stone and mud.

Conoc thermal baths

On the Vizcarra River banks, at two (2) kilometers at the Northeastern side of the City of Unión, we can find these two (2) baths, which are highly recommended for treating rheumatologic conditions. They have as background a beautiful landscape of the area.

Carnival of Huánuco and Carnival of Tomayquichua

On each town of the department of Huánuco, there are carnivals for several days and nights. In groups and troupes, Huánuco locals dance transmitting joy and fun. There are the famous Yunsas or tree trimmers, together with parades, and their queens are chosen during these carnival feasts.