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Main Square

On the square there is the Main Church, the first built by the Spanish settler Francisco Pizarro in Peru. There is also the Chapel of Mercy, where the Constitution of 1939 was drafted and signed, so it is considered as a national historical monument.

Capilla Cristo Pobre (Poor Christ Chapel)

The Poor Christ Chapel is the one that attires most attention. It has a gothic style that contrasts with the rural area, like a miniature version of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.


About 43 minutes away at the south of Jauja, there is the city of Huancayo. It is the place that has the greatest economic and commercial activity of the department of Junín. An unavoidable visit is the Parque de la Identidad Huanca (Huanka Identity Park), which has been built entirely on rock and offers visitors a wonderful experience. It is definitely a good choice for the day.

Picante de Cuy (Spicy Guinea Pig stew)

The Picante de Cuy - also known as Jaca cuy – evokes the Andean roots. It provides a special taste to the meat, and it comes together with chicha de jora (a type of corn beer chicha in a glass).

Pachamanca (“earthen cooking pot”)

Pachamanca stands for “pacha” (earth) and “manca” (oven), meaning “oven (made out) of earth soil”. In this way, the peculiarity of the meat preparation calls the attention of visitors. But it is its unique flavor that ultimately captivates their palates.

Trucha a la Parrilla (“Trout on the charcoal grill”)

The region has a large trout production, which is why a large number of country restaurants offer this delicious dish.

Tunanmarca (Tunanmarka) Archaeological Site

It is a place which was inhabited by about 12mil Huancas (people of that culture). The structure is partially preserved, there are houses made out of stone and were covered with ichu (bunch grass), which is the typical grass of the Andes region.

Paca Lagoon

Its huge body of water is surrounded by many hotels and countryside restaurants that offer visitors lunch in front of this beautiful landscape. Legend states that large quantities of gold were transported to Cajamarca, in return for rescuing the Inca Atahualpa. However, after his death, these were thrown into the lake so they cannot be recovered.

Ingenio hatchery trout

An additional place to visit is the hatchery trout of the district of Ingenio. This is the main breeding region of the kind, and visitors can observe the entire life cycle of trouts and then taste them in the neighboring country restaurants.