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La Alameda Perú

It is a walk of seven (7) blocks through the center of Tingo Maria, with wide sidewalks and trees native of the area, with some places such as Colonel Leoncio Prado, José Abelardo Quiñones, among others. Not far away we can find the Santa Teresita Del Niño Jesus Church, which was founded in 1944 and is considered the oldest temple in the city.

Cerro San Cristobal mountain

It allows the visitor to contemplate all the wonders of Tingo María, with a panoramic view of the city. At the top it lies a huge cross with sufficient light that makes possible to be viewed from different angles.

The Tingo Maria National Park

It is an ecological reservation in charge of preserving the natural beauty of the area. There we can find the popular Cueva de las Lechuzas (Cave of the Owls), which is actually inhabited by oilbirds, locally known as guácharos (another type of bird), but it is definitely an amazing experience. Similarly, there are several hot springs accompanied by the beautiful landscapes of the area.

Juane (Rice with paprika and pieces of chicken wrapped in banana leaves)

It is a traditional dish, eaten especially during the Feast of St. John (June 24). It includes a leaf of bijao within its unique wrap. Contains a mixture of rice, chicken, eggs and olives. A complete delight.

Tacacho with cecina (Crushed bananas mixed with lard)

It includes cecina, which is an exquisite smoked pork (beef jerky), and is accompanied by fried bananas mashed with little salt (Tacacho). Definitely, a dish representative of the place.

Patarashka (Fire roasted fish wrapped in banana leaves)

It includes Bijao flavored leaves, which wrap the type of fish in the chosen area. It can be roasted, baked or boiled.

The Cave of the Pavas

Located at twenty (20) minutes south of Tingo Maria, this cave is inhabited by a lot of wild turkeys. But what really stands out is the natural beauty. People usually practice very refreshing swim in its waters, it has lush trees that supports the idea that there might exist a paradise within.

De Los Milagros Lake

At twenty-three (23) kilometers northwest away of the city, this lagoon with an area of 4000 m2 lies. It is said to have mystical properties from the concentration of huairuro plants. You can also do fishing activities in the area.

San Miguel Cataract

It is the most highlighted attraction of the region, since its waterfall reaches a hundred (100) meters and a width of 35 mts. Its captivating landscape goes hand in hand with the abundance of flora and wildlife.