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Historical center

In this beautiful city dominated by monuments and buildings of colonial and religious architecture. Also, houses with impressive balconies which adorn the central square.

Archaeological Sites

Trujillo hosts a major archaeological heritage from the Moche and Chimu cultures. Here the Moche route begings whith the Temples of the Sun and Moon . Other archaeological sites are the Citadel of Chan Chan and the Huaca of the Rainbow.

Trujillo has a diversified cuisine amount of dishes. Most based on fish, seafood and poultry. If you visit this city you can´t miss the ceviche, and the shambar

Huaca of the Sun

This huaca pyramid-shaped and large terraces, representing the center of Moche power, both political and administrative aspects. It was also the residence of high society Moche.

Huaca of the Moon

This archaeological site known for its temples built in different periods, paintings made with minerals and reliefs which can be seen to the Moche deities. Also highlights ceremonials plazas and courtyards with an antiquity of 1500 years

Chan Chan Citadel

It was the capital of the Chimu kingdom and consists of nine small walled cities. It is located 5 km from the city of Trujillo. It is the largest adobe city in America.